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The original Vasse Felix winery has been preserved as an Art Gallery and here, a seasonal program of exhibitions from the celebrated Holmes à Court Collection is shown. The gallery experience extends to the Vasse Felix grounds where gardens of local flora have been embellished with a sculpture walk comprising works by local artists. The annual Vasse Felix arts calendar features a variety of performance events that draw enthusiasts back to this historic space at every opportunity.

The Holmes à Court Collection started in the early 1960s and grew from the Family’s interest in Australian and Indigenous art. It has steadily developed into an internationally renowned collection that documents many pieces of Australian cultural significance and consists of more than 4,000 registered artworks. Click here to read more about the Holmes à Court Collection.


artCollectiveWA Down South
8 February - 7 June 2015

This exhibition presents the works of senior and mid-career WA artists from this city based artist-run collective.

Merrick Belyea, Penny Bovell, Paul Caporn, Penny Coss, Jo Darbyshire, Sarah Elson, Caspar Fairhall, Chris Hopewell, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Eveline Kotai, Joanna Lamb, Andre Lipscombe, Lesley Munro, Antony Muia, Ron Nyisztor, Kevin Robertson, Helen Smith, Alex Spremberg, Angela Stewart, Michele Theunissen, Paul Uhlmann, Trevor Vickers and Peter Zappa.

The artCollectiveWA began as a response to major commercial galleries in Perth closing over a sobering twelve-month period during 2012 and 2013 leaving these artists without WA gallery representation and promotion, storage and exhibition space. The artists had to come up with a new model if they wanted to continue showing their work in WA.

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